Dr. Ludger Winner, Parish priest

Welcome to the Heart of Muenster!

Welcome to St. Lamberti!

Our honourable Guests!

Muenster is a liveable and lovable city. This is now being discovered by a growing number of visitors and its residents confirm this fact with great pride.  

The numerous churches in the city bearing the imprint of its mottled history constitute a special point of attraction. They capture the breath of entire generations who built the uniquely beautiful spaces to memorialize their faith and prayer.

The Lamberti church is located in the heart of the city where the perspectives of the Principle Market converge to form a conclusive destination. As a city and market church, it already represented the hub of the city for the religious business class in the early years of the city.

The high tower – like a pointing finger – attracts attention, but it also constitutes an invitation to turn towards THAT which towers at infinite distance above our daily life and above this world. It invites us to enter the interiors of the Gothic hall church, which is one of the most significant of its kind and surpasses its four preceding architectural predecessors in terms of beauty and greatness.

Already the entrance portal anticipates the festive interiors. The artistic masonry above the door draws the viewer’s attention to the origins of the religious history. It harks back to Isai, the father of King David. The Tree of Jesse stands out strikingly in the line of succession of the bearers of the promise of the Old Testament and finds its zenith in the birth of the Son of God as man, perched on his throne on the lap of Mary. Thus, Jesus Christ is the raison d’être for everything that occurs in the church and that constitutes it.

Visitors enter the church to find their heart lighten as they are cloaked in the light that beams into the church throughout the day through its many windows. Those who have faith will be moved to take a meditative pause and access some words of prayer in a still moment. But they can also resort to the displayed “prayer of the month”.

The aim of the vibrant Lamberti community is to offer space to matters of faith, particularly for spiritual concerts, meditations and prayer services, to which you can consider yourself invited. Feel free to get more information

• on our homepage: www.st-lamberti.de

• at the publications stand

• from our presence service

And last but not least, also discover the historical traces left by great Christians in our church:

• This is where the courageous Bishop of Muenster, Clemens August Graf von Galen (who served as pastor in St. Lamberti between 1929 and 1933) held his sermons in 1941 against the Nazi regime in protest against euthanasia. In 2005, he was beatified as the “Lion of Muenster”.

• This is where the great social bishop Wilhelm Emmanuel Freiherr von Ketteler (1811-1877), the Bishop of Mainz between 1850 and 1877, was baptized.

• Generations of believers have received “audience” here as they sought the presence of Jesus Christ in their loving gaze before the tabernacle in the celebration of the Eucharist.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that you will be able to stop by at the Lamberti Church to take a restorative pause from your daily life. May this blessed place allow you to discover your calling before God!

Yours sincerely

Dr Ludger Winner
Pastor, St. Lamberti