Ludgeri Church

LUDGERI CHURCH was built around 1180 in the Romanesque style. The striking crossing tower displays two Romanesque storeys which have been extended by two Gothic storeys after 1383. The post-war window’s glazing in the Gothic high-choir was made by Vincenz Pieper: well-known is the "cross without arms" bearing an inscription in the beam: "Ich habe keine anderen Hände als die euren." [I have no other hands but yours.]

48143 Münster

Parking facilities:
Car park Aegidiimarkt
Car park Münster Arkaden

Service in Ludgeri Church

9.30 AM holy mass

Monday to Friday:
7 PM holy mass

6.30 PM rosary prayer

7.30 PM compline
The compline – the night prayer – will be sung every Thursday.

6.30 PM Eucharistic worship
Every Friday there is Eucharistic worship together with prayers of intercession for our Pope Franziskus and our bishop Felix.

For parents with small children

Did you know? Ludgeri church has more to offer!
Should your children become restless during holy mass, you have the opportunity to go to the Ludgeri Church’s chapel (from the direction of Ludgeristraße) on Sundays starting from 9.30 AM.
You will have the chance to listen to the service via loudspeakers. Afterwards you are welcome to the church at any time.

Ludgeri Church is ideal
for visitors
with a hearing-aid.

There is good news for everyone with a hearing-aid:
The induction loop which was destroyed in the course of the interior redecorating of Ludgeri Church has now been fixed again. Anyone with hearing problems looking forward to better following of church service is invited to seat himself/herself in the first row on the left side (= organ side) and to adjust their hearing-aid accordingly. Technology now enables unlimited auditory enjoyment. Please tell everyone who is dependent on this technical aid!